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Black Truffle (Brush) Extravaganza

February 22, 2010

David Lebovitz has continued his truffle tales with an article on his visit to a truffle laboratoire in Cahors (including the fantastic photo below of a truffle brush that looks truffle).


The Truffle Market in Lalbenque

February 20, 2010

After posting about his day truffle hunting with a truffle hunting pig David Lebovitz has also added a tale of a trip to the black truffle market in Lalbenque, France in which he describes the unusual way truffles are purchased:

Unlike other markets in France, it’s up to the buyer to name the price, to make an offer. Since these people have just two months to make their money, they’re not all that willing to let them go for too cheap. But compared to prices anywhere else, these truffles are a major bargain.

Black Diamonds in Gourdon, France

February 18, 2010

A report on a visit to the truffle market  in Gourdon, France by John and Sue a self-confessed “retired couple of idiots”.

Saint Valentine’s Truffles

February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine was obviously a truffle fan. Leaving aside that the reputation of truffles as an aphrodisiac (at least if you are a pig at any rate) it seems he was probably bishop of Terni in Umbrian black truffle country in Italy and some of his relics then apparently ended up in another black truffle area: the Vaucluse region of Provence, France. Erica De Mane posts on Saint Valentine and adds a recipe from the Vaucluse region: Tagliatelle with Black Truffles, Vaucluse Style.

White Truffle Oil Infused Custard with Black Truffle Ragout

February 13, 2010

Shirley on her Køkken69 blog posts on the exhausting experience of making White Truffle Oil Infused Custard with Black Truffle Ragout recipe from the The French Laundry Cookbook.

Truffle Hunting with Pigs in France

February 10, 2010

Chez Panisse trained David Lebovitz has posted a great article on a day spent truffle hunting with pigs in Cahors, France.

As David points out: “In the past, pigs were used almost exclusively to rout out the truffles. But in spite of how cute and picturesque the furry fellows are, for the most part, dogs have taken the place of the porkers. When a single truffle can set you back well over a few hundred bucks, even the most die-hard animal lover will agree that as much as we love our pets, very few people love them that much. As in, enough to sacrifice a few truffles for.

Une Passion Périgourdine (A Tale of Truffles)

January 25, 2010

There are some great photos of a truffle hunting trip and Perigourdian truffle fairs over at the DorpatSherrardLomont blog.

Win a French Black Truffle

January 15, 2010

Taste With the Eyes blog is giving away a French Black Winter Truffle.  The truffle is being donated by Céline Labaune’s Gourmet Attitude in Manhattan which imports fresh truffles.