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The Divine Truffle

May 14, 2010

Food blog The Ardent Epicure has made truffles their food of the day and posted information on different kinds of truffles and their uses.


Truffles and Peanuts

March 31, 2010

Today is the 35th anniversary of the publication of this Peanuts strip introducing Truffles (whilst truffle hunting):

Can Science Give Truffles a Boost?

February 25, 2010

There was an article recently in the London Times on the “flurry” of scientific projects that attempt to explain the relationship between truffles and trees in order to increase yields. An interesting read even if it has a very French bias -I would imagine the inhabitants of areas like Alba and San Miniato in Italy would argue with the article naming Tuber melanosporum as “the most revered and expensive variety” of truffles.

Operation “Truffle”, Piedmont

February 23, 2010

The blog of gelato arisans, Capogiro describes their epic mission to find the best restaurant with the best truffles and wine in Alba, Monforte d’Alba, Torino and Barolo on a 10 day tour of northern Italy.

Black Truffle (Brush) Extravaganza

February 22, 2010

David Lebovitz has continued his truffle tales with an article on his visit to a truffle laboratoire in Cahors (including the fantastic photo below of a truffle brush that looks truffle).

The Smell of Truffles

February 19, 2010

I have heard many attempts at describing the smell of truffles but Georgina Laidlaw makes an unusual comparison in an article entitled “Foodies Savor the Smell of Rich People” which discusses the view of truffles in Australia as being “exclusive”:

In one memorable episode of the long-running but now discontinued ABC food program The Cook and The Chef, Maggie Beer sniffed ecstatically at an Australian black truffle before proffering it to co-host Simon Bryant. The chuckling Bryant told her it smelled like rich people.”

How to Choose a Good Black Truffle

February 16, 2010

Food blog “Fresh Local and Best” sets out an interesting guide on how to choose a good black truffle. Things they say to look out for are: weight to size, aroma and firmness.

Truffles and Valentine’s Dates

February 14, 2010

Boston blogger Citrus Quark has come up with a guide to what the truffles on offer say about your Valentine’s date:

Black Summer Truffles: If your date springs for these you’ll know that he or she is at least very sophisticated, don’t feel obligated to go out again if you’re not into it.

Black Winter Truffles: These are OK for a first date, but you should at least kiss goodnight and make an anticipatory remark regarding your next date together if all goes well.

White Truffles: Don’t order them on your date unless you plan on putting out in the near future!

White Truffle Oil Infused Custard with Black Truffle Ragout

February 13, 2010

Shirley on her Køkken69 blog posts on the exhausting experience of making White Truffle Oil Infused Custard with Black Truffle Ragout recipe from the The French Laundry Cookbook.

Summer in the Trufferie, Australia

February 3, 2010

The Wine & Truffle Co have posted an article on their blog on what they are up to in their Manjimup Truffière in the Australian summer. Singaporean-based author Aun Koh featured an article on the Wine & Truffle Co last year in his excellent Chubby Hubby blog.